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"Leadership and Experience that matters."

GRI Investigations ("GRI") is honored to be regarded as an investigative resource for our clients. Our agency values our client's time, investment, and trust in our comprehensive investigations, so critical legal and business decisions can be made with confidence. We know first-hand the level of expertise and care that's required to conduct concise and actionable legal investigationsOur agency focuses on complex investigations for private clients, law firms, corporate legal counsel and insurance companies. GRI has assisted legal counsel and their clients with investigations in numerous family law, civil litigation and felony criminal defense cases. Our staff investigators have extensive backgrounds and experience in law enforcement, investigations and consulting. We draw on this experience to offer our clients actionable private sector investigations through all phases of litigation in civil, criminal and family law matters. GRI Investigations is licensed by the State of California, under PI license #28059. Our investigative team look forward to establishing new business relationships, and working closely with you to meet your investigative objectives.