Every day, there are thousands of of lawsuits that are filed in California courts. Part of the process of a legal action is to effect service or in simple terms, serve or notify an individual of their involvelment in a legal case. Our diligent registered process servers and licensed private investigators can assist with gettting your legal documents served in a professional and timely manner. We utilize all investigative methods, including surveillance and investigative databases, to locate and properly serve individuals for your legal case, even if a person is trying to evade or hide from being served.

Legal documents that we serve are:

  • Family Law, Divorce, Separation, Restraining Orders, Support Modifications
  • Civil Litigation Matters, Complaints, Subpeonas
  • Small Claims Lawsuits, Defendant Claims
  • Surveillance and Stakeout services
  • Person Locates/"Skip-Tracing"