AGENCY PROFILE  "Leadership and experience that matters".

GRI INVESTIGATIONS (“GRI”) is a leading provider of investigative services for law firms, corporate legal counsel, and private clients. We provide our clients with the professional investigative expertise necessary to make confident decisions through fact-finding and critical analysis. We help our clients manage complex challenges when they are involved in litigation or facing uncertain situations. Our staff is comprised of experienced investigators with law enforcement, legal and investigative backgrounds. GRI has assisted legal counsel with investigations and research in numerous family law, civil litigation and felony criminal defense cases filed in the Superior Court of California, U.S. District Court, and the U.S. Immigration Court. In addition to conducting comprehensive investigations, our investigators have testified in both civil and criminal cases. GRI is fully insured and licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services ("BSIS") under PI License #28059.


    • Member of the San Diego County Bar Association ("SDCBA")
    • Member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators ("CALI")
    • Member of the California Defense Investigators Association ("CDIA")
    • Member of the Professional Investigators of California ("PICA")